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I want to higly recommend Yassine’s work and talent. I got the opportunity to find him as a photographer for my new website and continued to work with him since then. He knows how to capture the soul and to tell stories by taking your pictures. It’s pure joy and bliss to have shooting days with him… His photographies turned out to surprise me every single time…. He knows how to show different perspectives of your personality by capturing you in many different facets. By his calmness and sovereignty you feel immediately comfortable…

His shootings feel like having a good time in the nature and are far from posing or any other exhaustment. When you get the results of a shooting day, you are overwhelmed of the moments which he captured in silence and discretion.

The way how he takes your pictures and how he wanders through the shooting day by telling memorable stories… show his love for his camera and for the art of photography. Shukran Yassine! E53A0B95-03E8-4021-9720-C286CFB16FCF


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52646440_2127903463959186_7219726740518600704_nYassine, I am very grateful for this experience. It was a pleasure for me, spending one and a half day together for the shooting. And it is a big understatement to call it shooting. It was so much more. I feel it was a deep process. You have this special and rare ability to stay in silence, very present and at the same time humble.
This opend up a room for me, to reconnect with myself.  I was a little nervous in the beginning, because I do not like it so much to be pictured, but I calmed down very fast and relaxed beside you. We just spend a beautiful day in  Agafay desert and in Marrakech. I shared a lot with you. We talked. We kept quiet. We laughed. We drank coffee. I shared my secrets, because I felt it is right. And it was perfect. Just as it was. Such a beautiful experience.
On the next day – looking at the pictures, I had tears in my eyes. Why? Because I feel seen. This is so beautiful. The woman on this amazing pictures is me. Just me. Very natural. Very easy and so beautiful.

Thank you for opening your heart and your intuition. I higly recommend your work. I love the results. The pictures are on my website already. And for me it was kind of a healing journey. Thank you for being you, Yassine. See you soon in Marrakech.


Tanja kraler

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I had a shooting with Yassine in the Agafay desert which was a part of a Queen Retreat in Marrakech I was attending. I was very excited because I’ve never had a professional shooting before.

So I asked Yassine what I should do and he answered: “Just be you. Just be authentic and naturally.” And I thought, oh my god, that’s difficult and hard work, but it wasn’t.

Yassine gave me the time and space to feel comfortable, he didn’t force me to hurry, and in the end I forgot the camera and also his presence. It was so much fun, I loved it.

I felt the enery and the magic of the desert and the atmosphere was just incredible. I love Yassine’s pictures so much and every time I look at them I’m feeling reconnected with this magical and beautiful place. Yassine has the ability to fix that special moment of love, happiness and gratitude within me. His pictures show my soul, show me who I really am – authentic, beautiful and unique.

These pictures are a big present for me and I’m so grateful for this wonderful experience – I would say in some way definitely a life-changing experience. Yassine, thank you so much for that. Can’t wait to have one more shooting with you one day.
Thanks a lot, Tanja